Ten2kwik Beats and Music Production

Ten2kwik Beats and Music Production

Ten2kwik Beats and Music ProductionTen2kwik Beats and Music Production

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About Me

Where do I start?

I have loved music since I was just a kid. Everything I've been through in my life, good or bad, music has been the ultimate calming device I ould always turn to. I have been a music producer for the past 16 years and i still love the creativity of making beats. It's different for everyone and I love that it still brings all different types of people together.

Be Epic! Dream Big!

I mean exactly that, don't settle for anything mediocre. I knew that when i started making beats and producing music, it would be a tough journey to learn the ins and outs but it has been paying off. I have met and come in contract with some super talented artists during my time in the music world. I would always tell myself "everyone had to start somewhere". If you just be the best version of yourself you can be everyday, that is definitely a win in my book.

Be Inspired by Everything!

Music is the universal soul charmer. I couldn't imagine not knowing, being involved in, or just flat out loving all types of music. The thought of people pulling these amazing musical masterpieces out of their very own brain is mind blowing. Live and love. 💪🏾😎

My Music Inspiration

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Inside The Mind of Ten

Why do we as music producers create? How has music affected my life? What is my beat making process? And more...